Week 1

So this is what I have done in my first week. I have made 4 loops and I picked one of them to make into a song. By the end of loop 4 I figured out that things start to sound so much better when i layer like 4 different types of instruments all playing the same chords. So I will add my first four loops and my first song below. I have spent a little time on youtube this week trying to figure out using ableton. I am trying to stay away from watching to much youtube as I would like to find my own way/style instead of copying videos. I am still watching but just taking tips here and there.

Loop 1

Loop 2

So I tried to make a little arrangement here out of my 4 bar loop. It is only short but I am just playing around.

Loop 3

Loop 4

Now I feel like I am starting to make progress, I have layered up so many different elements. My other loops have drums all in one drum rack where this one I have a kick section, clap section, snare section. Same for the bass and chords I think it sounds a lot better.

First song

So I had a go at my first song based off loop 4 above. 

Please feel free to leave any constructive criticism. Remember this is only day 5 of making music with zero experience 🙂 

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